Saturday, June 23, 2012

Glad Midsommar!

Happy Midsummer!  Despite the 100 degree heat, we still plan to have a midsummer party this weekend.  Here is the planned menu:

Midsommar Menu

Herring with sour cream sauce

Swedish meatballs with ligonberry sauce

Fresh potatoes

Boiled eggs with sour cream sauce

Sour cream and chives sauce

Smoked salmon

Tossed salad

Traditional Swedish cake

Pear and apple cider

Strawberry saft

See an example midsommar food plate here.  More on the party later. 


  1. Perfect! You have all the food we love on Misommarafton. And the cake looks just wonderful !
    I am proud of you.
    Mother in law

  2. Thanks MIL!! You are so sweet! Look for pictures of the party in my next post and I hope to really make you proud. We wish we could have been there with you to celebrate!


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