Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Midsommar - the table...the food!

Sometimes I long to be in Sweden.  When I travel there for vacation, it feels so nice.  There are so many nice things about that country not to mention the wonderful family my hubby has there, all of them!  They are fun and when we all get together for special occasions when we can make the trip, it is like beautiful chaos.  I
like being a part of that big family.  Unfortunately, we can't make it there to celebrate many occasions.  In fact, I've never been in Sweden to celebrate midsummer.  So this year, we decided to bring midsummer to us.  And for a few moments in time, I actually could imagine we were in Sweden having a real midsummer celebration.  I'd like to share those pictures with you in this post.  In the Glad Midsommar post, I shared the menu for the party but now I'm going to share that same menu with you in pictures and maybe you too can experience just a moment of the beauty of Sweden.

Table set with Maypole in the background.
Ready to eat!
Blue and Yellow Hydrangeas

Hard bread with Swedish cheeses and tossed salad

Fresh potatoes (or the closest thing we could find without being in Sweden)
Sour cream sauce

Hard boiled eggs with tiny shrimp, sour cream sauce and dill for a garnish

Homemade Swedish Meatballs (Farmor's recipe!)

Lingonberry sauce
Pear cider

Midsummer plate with salmon on the left and herring on the top left.

Plate with Midsummer napkin
Yellow and Blue Hydrangeas perfect for the occasion
Lantern (even in 90degree heat, it just added to the Swedish ambiance)
Strawberries with fresh whipped cream...Yum!

Swedish flag cake - again Farmor's recipe for a traditional sugar cake with vanilla sauce, bananas and strawberries

Glad Midsommar!!!

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