Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm seeing RED...

Perfectly small tomatoes
...RED tomatoes that is.   I love tomatoes.  But have you noticed that the tomatoes you buy at the grocery store just don't have the same
Fresh tomato
flavor as they seemed to 20 years ago?  For the first time ever, with the help of my mother in law this spring, we planted two tomato plants in hopes of having wonderful, juicy, delicious fresh tomatoes.  And I'm happy to report, we have seen the first signs of success!!  This week we picked 4 beautifully red tomatoes.  It doesn't even matter that they are so tiny.  The girls think it is fun to pick the tomatoes, hold them, and even squeeze them.  But actually putting them in their mouth and eating them is a whole other story.  That's OK...more for me!  And if I don't grow enough for my hubby and me, then I'm going to stop by the Farmer's Market near my house and see if I can't find some delicious tomatoes there!

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