Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sweet Dreams of Ribbons and Sprinkles

...doesn't that just bring a smile to your face when you say that?  I'm new to the world of blogging.  Well, not really new to the idea of it...the hubs has had a blog since before they were called blogs.  When he started, he called it an online "journal" for his friends and family back home in Sweden
to read out his daily life here in the United States.  Other than his "journal" I'm behind the times as I just recently started following any blogs myself.  I'm a full time working mom of two.  I stay pretty busy with the daily life of all things related to both of those things.  But in planning the 4th birthday party for my youngest daughter over the past several weeks, I've realized that there is a whole creative side of me that I've not tapped into in a very long time.  

Ribbon Topiary
My mom was always very creative and good at (really anything she tried) cooking, baking and decorating for parties.  I can recall she could effortlessly (at least she made it look effortlessly) throw together a party tending to all the tiniest of details.  She didn't spend a fortune and it would look beautiful.  I really didn't inherit the ability to cook well from her (my brother got that talent hands down), but I used to think I was creative like her.  And I enjoy baking more than I wish I did sometimes.  There is something about making a sweet treat which entices the senses of those who see it...smell it...taste it.  But the past 10 years of my life, somehow I've lost touch with that side of me.  The party for my 4 year old awakened that side of me and it is calling me to do more.  The catch...time.  Is there ever enough?  

So what is it I'm trying to accomplish with this blog?  As I type this, I'm not entirely sure.  Do I have anything to say that anyone would want to read?  And even if I do have something interesting to say, do I even have time to post it here.  I guess right now, I'm thinking this blog might be some way to document what goes on in our daily life that we would like to remember.  Things that I would want to remember to share with my girls.  Pictures of some of the daily things we do to make like more interesting and fun.  So it really is a dream to spend more time doing of all things crafty and making all things sweet.  I hope this blog can document that adventure of exploring those things that make us smile.

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